Speaking Topics

Terms and Conditions Apply

Digital law and fine print

  • What’s hidden inside of terms and conditions
  • How digital fine print undermines basic rights
  • Free versus paid services, how terms vary
  • Why trust is all consumers have
  • How the government uses fine print to justify surveillance
  • The future of fine print in the Internet of Things

Insecurity: Your Business Needs Confidence

Privacy And Security for Business

  • Managing your team’s online presence
  • Best practices on preventing hacks and malware
  • Protecting your team from outside tracking
  • Why backdoors to encryption are bad for business
  • Security by design

Fake Science: What Lies Upstream

How fake science undermines public health

  • Why the safety of drinking water can’t be trusted
  • Why regulatory agencies cover up contaminations
  • How lobbyists infiltrate policy and regulatory agencies
  • How political interference in science undermines the institution
  • Careerism, bureaucracy, and why some scientists harm children
  • How to independently test for lead and chemicals in drinking water

Think You Have Nothing to Hide?

Digital Privacy for Schools

  • How Social Media Affects Employment Opportunities
  • What Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Free Online Services Steal
  • What apps on our phone take from you
  • How to protect yourself from hackers, corporations, and the government
  • Surveillance, Snowden and the NSA: The Silencing of Speech
  • How to fight back and change the world

How a Camera Can Change the World

Filmmaking and Journalism

  • How to know when to start and finish your film
  • The search for your subject
  • Getting access to subjects
  • Storytelling and genre in documentary
  • Responsibility of the independent journalist
  • Making your film with or without funding
  • Reaching your audience and distribution

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Al, Director, Student Activities, University of Pittsburgh – Greensburg

Cullen was great to work with at Pitt Greensburg. His talk was engaging for our students and the feedback was phenomenal. Even afterwards there have been students talking about it throughout campus, and those students that didn’t go feel like the missed a worthwhile program. I would recommend Cullen for any campus.

Gretchen, Late Night Events Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee

We extremely enjoyed Cullen Hoback’s performance! Not only was it informative, but it was hilarious as well! We had a large age range and received very positive feedback from them as well. It was very enlightening to see our very own students’ profiles and what they can do to better protect themselves.

Sarah, Delta Delta Delta Collegiate, Leadership Conference

Cullen was GREAT! I really enjoyed it. The presentation was very provocative and so real. We hope he had a good experience with Tri Delta and would certainly recommend him to other groups. Thank you for working with us!