Reason TV: Is Facebook a Public Utility? Yes, says Filmmaker Cullen Hoback

“Everything in our digital lives has this contract associated with it,” says Hoback. “Everything moved into 1s and 0s and 1s and 0s can be tracked and traced.”

Slamdance Spotlight – What Lies Upstream

Slamdance TV interviews director Cullen Hoback about his film, What Lies Upstream, which was the Opening Night Film for the 2017 Slamdance Film Festival.

BYOD: Terms and Conditions May Apply Documentary with Cullen Hoback

Ondi Timoner takes a close look at Terms and Conditions May Apply, plus its trailer, and gets the story behind the production with director Cullen Hoback in this BYOD full length episode.

On The Verge: ‘Terms and Conditions’ director Cullen Hoback

Nilay Patel sat down with Cullen Hoback, the documentary filmmaker whose work Terms and Conditions May Apply takes a look at the contracts we sign and the data we give — willingly and otherwise — when we use services like iTunes, Facebook, and Google.

  • Mic

    Researchers show Twitter is far faster than the police at predicting riots

    "Social media was once incredibly effective at helping dissidents communicate under authoritarian regimes, as we saw during the Arab Spring," Cullen Hoback, director of the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply, said via email. "However, governments eventually figured out how to monitor and undermine those systems. Now, law enforcement agencies routinely monitor social networks for key words and phrases to 'prevent' crime — this is nothing new."

  • KCRW

    Cullen Hoback: What Lies Upstream

    Cullen Hoback has made several documentaries including Terms and Conditions May Apply, about the demise of peoples’ privacy online, and What Lies Upstream, which questions whether government is doing all it can to keep drinking water safe. Hoback tells host Robert Scheer that despite the damning information revealed by Edward Snowden about government spying, he was surprised at the lackluster response from the general public.

  • Ashland Daily Tidings

    Panel discusses journalism in an era of ‘fake news’

    Cullen Hoback, Brian Knappenberger, Kirby Dick and Chelsea Hernandez talk about Indie Documentary Journalism at a TalkBack panel at Ashland Film Festival.

  • Glenn Beck

    Apple’s terms of use indemnify the company in case users start a nuclear war

    Investigative filmmaker Cullen Hoback joined Glenn Beck Tuesday morning to share the insight he gained when doing research for his 2013 film “Terms and Conditions May Apply.” Cullen is now on a speaking tour sharing the lessons he learned with people across the country with a special focus on students on college campus.

  • The Daily Beast

    The Perils of an AT&T-Time Warner Merger

    Filmmaker Cullen Hoback—whose 2013 documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply revealed how corporate monoliths like AT&T are collecting so much personal data on Americans that they’re essentially destroying any concept of privacy—predicted that CNN won’t escape the merger’s inevitable fallout.

  • IndieWire

    Here’s How the Filmmakers behind ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ Had the Most Robust Film Screening Q&A of the Year

    When Cullen Hoback, the director of the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” finished his film, he knew he’d need to get it to the active Internet users that need to see it. So, working with a few Internet privacy organizations, he and his team created an online screening room for the film. And afterwards, the audience flew to reddit and engaged in a conversation that may be this year’s most robust film screening q&a.

  • The Guardian

    Cullen Hoback: ‘Edward Snowden completely shifted the dialogue’

    Hoback has found himself promoting a film that explores, in real depth, our relationships with corporations who build businesses around our data, their connection with government regulation and security access to data – and the near-universal ignorance of consumers. And in the context of the NSA stories, has found a widespread concern and appetite for change.

  • The Guardian

    Our data is our digital identity – and we need to reclaim control, – by Cullen Hoback

    View more sharing options Shares 729 Cullen Hoback Thursday 19 September 2013 02.03 EDT First published on Thursday 19 September 2013 02.03 EDT I’m a film-maker by trade, so heading to Capitol Hill the other week was a new experience for me. I was there to talk privacy, and in essence, to advocate. I didn’t have the first clue where to begin. The architecture, both impressive and oppressive, made me feel simultaneously important and meagre, and as I was later told, this was intentional.

  • NPR

    ‘Terms And Conditions’ And Us — Oh, My

    Each shared selfie, each sepia-toned short video, each oh-so-clever status update, under these Terms and Conditions, is an opt-in that involves a certain measure of surrender — to a new status quo we've been astonishingly willing to (click) accept.